The Safest Way of Detoxing From Opiates

Opiate use and abuse can pose a serious medical risk, even in cases where the opiate is given as a prescription medication. If someone develops a physical dependence on the drug, then it’s important that he or she knows the safest way of detoxing from opiates. Otherwise they could face uncomfortable, unhealthy and possible lethal side effects that come with detoxing from opiates.

Always Contact Medical Professionals – The first step that everyone should follow when detoxing from opiates is to contact his or her doctor and make sure they are aware of the situation and ready to provide help. Coming down from opiates isn’t like quitting caffeine; it can have serious side effects. These include anxiety, headache, nausea, vomiting, shakes, cramps, diarrhea and half a dozen others. For persons who have a more severe physical dependence, there are even more serious side effects that could include shutting down of internal organs due to the shock of withdrawal.

The Safest Way of Detoxing From Opiates

In-Patient Care

The safest possible way to come down from serious opiate addiction is with inpatient care in an opiate rehab facility. Individuals are placed in a hospital-like atmosphere, with trained professionals on hand and medication nearby to make sure their bodies can handle a steadily lessened presence of opiates in their systems. While it isn’t always strictly necessary, for those who aren’t sure they’ll be able to go through withdrawal safely at home, in-patient care is the safest bet.

Out-Patient Care

The next option is out-patient care. While patients won’t have complete observation in a hospital setting while detoxing from opiates, that isn’t always a necessity. Especially for patients who have home lives and jobs they have to keep going to while trying to recover from opiate withdrawal. An out-patient care center provides medication and doctors that can help patients on a regular basis, and they’re ideal for patients that don’t need twenty four hour a day care while detoxing from opiates. In many cases though, in-patient and out-patient facilities might be combined so that patients who need one type of care can easily change sides and get the help they require while going through detox.

Safety First – Detoxification is no joke, and should not be taken lightly. It can be dangerous, and it is almost always uncomfortable. Patients should always take medication as directed and keep in contact with their doctors if anything changes or if symptoms become worse. Ignoring the signs can create worse problems.

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