Your Options for Alternative Drug Rehab

Many different options exist if you’re looking for alternative drug rehab. Not all programs use a series of twelve-steps of recovery or a faith based approach to treatment.

Some of the alternative drug rehab programs now use holistic treatment, alternative therapy, equine therapy, private treatment and a range of alternatives to the standard methods of treatment which were once widely accepted as the norm.

While you’ll still find counseling and therapy to be at the heart of most any treatment program, including alternative drug rehab programs, many of these programs now focus more on total body healing than they once did.

Your Options for Alternative Drug Rehab

For instance, a holistic drug rehab will not place an emphasis on the addiction itself, but rather on the entire focus of the individual including his or her spiritual well-being, individual health, and any underlying causes of the addiction which could also be treated to help with complete healing. Holistic drug rehab is just one of the more popular alternatives that you have when it comes to seeking treatment for substance abuse.

Equine therapy is another alternative drug rehab approach that has been proven to be quite effective for many. This method of therapy is extremely effective at helping those in recovery to build trust and to regain a sense of self.

A healing and therapeutic option and alternative drug rehab choice, equine therapy involves having the patient work with a horse throughout treatment, providing care, love and attention to the horse and learning how to rebuild bonds and relationships—two methods that can be taken with them and reused in real world scenarios.

Private treatment, though not necessarily an alternative drug rehab option, is becoming a more popular choice of treatment simply because there is greater respect for privacy of patients in this method of treatment. Private drug rehabs often include luxury amenities that make the recovering addict feel more at home while in treatment and often have lower patient to counselor ratios which means that the patient is able to get more one on one time with the professional and may gain more out of the total treatment experience.

Many other alternative drug rehab options also exist include non-twelve step recovery methods such as SMART recovery, Women in Sobriety and a range of similar organizations and self-help programs. If you’re looking for an alternative to the standard drug rehabilitation programs that are available to assist you, consider one of these or one of the other options for alternative drug rehab that are now popping up in treatment and rehabilitation centers around the country.

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